About Us

Hi beautiful being.
Our mission at the Unicorn Asylum is to provide you with the best products to express your unique personality. We want to make beautiful art and also find ways to make it functional and adorn ourselves with it.
Style should be an individual expression, that expresses YOU, not trends that try and prove a status, for what? You don't need to keep up with, or prove anything to anyone.
We are an all inclusive brand, we celebrate EVERY walk of life, and trust, our mind is as open as it gets. At the Asylum we want to also acknowledge, just how hard it is at times,  to be that person, The Unicorn,  the unique individual that can't conform to societal expectations; in all the different arenas (Sexuality,  Gender,  Race, Religion, Politics, being Human in general ect.) We acknowledge the struggle and heartache of being persecuted for being YOURSELF,  being told that you’re crazy, weird, wrong, feeling out of place or misunderstood. Never despair, you're a Lion amongst Sheep.  We love, celebrate and appreciate your unique being, welcome to the Asylum.
The Unicorn Asylum
Please feel free to contact us anytime,  for inquires ect. or if you just want to say hello at